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Specialised catering may not be available at certain times of the year e.g Christmas and Easter. please call to discuss.

Please allow at least 48 hour’s notice where possible, especially for Specialised Catering Options

Platters of mixed seafood lemons and sauce- THESE PLATTERS REQUIRE NO OTHER FOOD AS THEY ARE DESIGNED TO BE A FEAST PER PERSON- so as you have more numbers of people you would cut back the quantity to order e.g. 2 platters for 2 people, 4 platters for 6 people etc…

“Taste of the Sea platter”
$80/person includes QLD Bay Bugs, Locally Fresh Cooked Prawns, Crab, Freshly Shucked Oysters three ways (natural, wakame’ (pickled seaweed) and Yarra Valley Caviar pearls), QLD smoked goods and homemade sauce and lemon.

“Fresh Feast platter”
$65/person includes QLD Bay Bugs, Locally Fresh Cooked Prawns, Fresh Shucked Oysters homemade sauce and lemons.

“Honeymoon platter”
$98/person includes Crab or QLD Champagne Crayfish or can upgrade to WA lobster for extra $30 per person, Locally Fresh Cooked Peeled Prawns, Freshly Shucked Oysters three ways (natural, wakame’ (pickled seaweed) and Yarra Valley Caviar pearls), Smoked Salmon twirls.

“Ready for the BBQ”
$60/person includes QLD Bay Bugs, Locally Caught Prawns, Victorian tenderised Calamari, QLD Local Scallop and Local Fish all cleaned and prepared and lightly seasoned in some Australian made Olsson’s Salt seasoning. Also accompanied with some handmade Australian Pepe Saya butter and crushed garlic, homemade tartare sauce & fresh lemon to cook with.

“Swordfish Sticks”
$8/each Swordfish and Seasonal Vegetable Skewers (if swordfish cannot be available may use Mahi Mahi or Atlantic Salmon)

“Garlic Prawn Sticks”
$8/each Australian Wild Caught Large Prawn Prepared on a bamboo stick only to cook in Pepe Saya butter and garlic ideal for the grill.


QLD Smoked goods range:
Sugar Cane Cured Ocean Trout
$10.50/ portion (vibrant in colour, sweet/peppery undertones, perfect in a salad or on a cheese platter)

Lemon Myrtle Hot Smoked Crocodile
$10.50/ portion (we only use the tenderloin and sliced thinly this has a deep smokey flavour, almost jerky like)

Hot Smoked Ocean Trout
$10.50/ portion (similar to hot smoked salmon, a very popular item, ideal for cheese platters, salads or to cook with)

Hot Smoked Trout Dip
$10/tub (this is our most popular dip which you could almost call a pate’ it is so thick)


Locally Caught Freshly Cooked Peeled Prawn
ideal for canapés and no mess sunset sails- $100/kg peeled prawn meat weight (approx. 40-50 prawns)

Locally Caught Freshly Cooked Unpeeled Prawn
ideal for lunch day charters-$33/kg for a med fresh cooked prawn (approx. 20-25 prawns)

3 Way Platter of Oysters
$55/platter 2 dozen Freshly Shucked Oysters three ways (natural, pickled seaweed and Yarra Valley Caviar pearls)

Picked QLD Crayfish Tails
$95/kg Local Crayfish meat looks incredible when cubed and placed back into the tail for service.

All platters can be delivered in alternate packaging so that hostess’s may platter offering in their own way.

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We can cater most needs, pre-prepare anything or give it to you whole.

FISHI-Fresh Island Seafood prides ourselves on stocking only quality products, we have sourced the best local product and the finest in Australia. Matt being a fisherman himself understands more than anyone that well treated produce from the moment it lands in the boat needs to be cared for and this is why the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) has recently named FISHI as ‘Reef Guardians’. This recognises our working practises as highly sustainable and correct. We stock only a few select imported items that are not available within Australia, whilst supporting a sustainable fishery in Australia, there are such things as clams and black caviar which are unavailable. Although we are Seafood Specialists we have also discovered the need for consolidating meat, deli goods and fresh fruit and vegetables, so we have teamed up with the two finest local producers that have the same value service that we provide. In the last month we have also had our prawn supplier start unloading our local prawn, bug and scallop direct from the trawler to us.