Reef Guardian Fisher

Reef Guardian Fisher

Reef Guardian Fisher



FISHI has officially been named

‘Reef Guardians’ by GBRMPA!!

We are so proud to have recently been named ‘Reef Guardian Fisher’s’ by Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority!

This to us recognises the good fisher practices that we ensure we use as our base guideline for not only our own fishing but also our suppliers. It has also already led us into other areas of caring for the Great Barrier Reef which as locals is our family’s backyard. We have started helping with beach clean-ups, supporting the school with their own Reef guardian initiatives and joining the Hamilton Island Green Group.

We look forward to keeping you up to date with all of our ‘Reef Guardian’ News.

Our first challenge is to take a ‘selfie’ photo of ANYTHING you feel a ‘Reef Guardian’ would or should do, and post it on our Facebook page or tag us #fishihamiltonisland.

FISHI will give a $50 seafood voucher away to the best at the end of the month.